My Ramadan Journal

Helping Children Engage With Ramadan

The Perfect Ramadan Journal For Kids

My Ramadan Journal is a 30-day activity journal created by parents and educators for children ages 6 and up to help them track and make progress in Ramadan. Every portion of this journal been carefully curated with your child in mind to help them gain interest and connect with the blessed month of Ramadan.

What Makes This Journal Different?

The purpose of My Ramadan Journal is to help children learn more about Ramadan and the daily actions they should be doing during this blessed month in a fun and interactive way. This journal helps children set goals for themselves, track their daily deeds and become more intentional with their actions. They leave the month feeling connected with their Creator through their actions.   

Daily planner to track progress through the month

Goal trackers, dua journals, bad-habit breakers and reflection sheets

Engaging activities including a coloring sheet and deed of the day

Knowledge sections like important du'as to read throughout the month

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